Ice cold.

As I look into his eyes,
That once showed bright love and affection.
And all I see now is something
That I never saw before,
Cold ice.

As the hugs became to linger
As the nights became abandoned
I felt something in him
That i never thought would be
A part of him…
Cold ice.

As we used to talk before
With the laughter and compassion
Now all I sense is
The emptiness of our talks
The ice of his tone.

The ice wrapped me around itself,
Shivering me and making my bones ache,
From inside through out.

And that is when i felt his real feelings toward me
Cold ice.

But I will break through,
But I must fight.
And his cold ice,
Shall be broken into pieces.

And I shall win,
The battle of ice.

As I said in the previous post, I am currently reading a book that well, is not “appropriate” for my age. And in it there was a part where this lady got a very rich boyfriend,handsome, careful about her feelings and seemed smart. There was a sudden moment when she realized the part within him that she never saw because of all the expensive jewelry,shoes,bags, the guy was gifting her and that part in his corner of his eyes almost glowed with one word:ice.The fact that nothing meant anything to him. Her existence or her “love” toward him.

So this is a poem to all those ladies sitting there, feeling abandoned. Screw the once who made your self esteem break apart. Screw those who made you fall on your knees. This is the time for you to get up. And to learn your lesson, that for every give there is a take. And for every taken, there must be a given back. Wether it is love,money,help or favor. So be careful to what you ask for.

Friendship,do you know what that means?

The world that lost the meaning of friendship,
Living by and holding to selfishness
What happened friend?
What changed to make you treat me this way?

Yet looking at you. I try to not care.
Yet still my heart aches slowly…silently.

It hurts to know that you’re busy.
Busy holding to your pride,
Instead to our friendship…

Changing yourself, thinking to better,
But it will only take some time,
To realize how much you were wrong.
About your self, about everything around you.
And I swear to God who created you,
You will look into the mirror,
And realize how much you regret,
Every step you took to change your identity.

And at that point, it will be too late,
The real you have departed.
Ran away from you, and you are behind.
Sitting on your knees,

And so will I leave.
And so will others.


” Hand By Hand, Soul By Soul “

Looking at the world through my eyes
Smiling at things I don’t recognize
Smiling and dying inside at the same time
Why on earth am I smiling
That is the question I’ve never realized

Thinking inside how fake I am
Smiling but faking it all as much as I can
But then who am I again
I forgot as I was trying to smile as hard as I can

Oh friend, look at me
Don’t get fooled by my smile
Don’t get fooled by me saying I am okay
Because I am not
Because I am fading away

Oh friend I know I should tell you
But how am I suppose to tell you
In this crowded and busy world
Where I don’t get to see you much
Where I don’t get to open up to you much

Forgive me if I don’t say
Forgive me if I lie
Because you know I didn’t mean to
You know that very well.

Oh friend lets hold our hand together
And go through this world by weather,
Hand by hand, soul by soul,

Lets show this world the touch of a true friendship
The touch of you and I.

” When a friendship called”

There was a girl once called Nina
Who was a pretty little girl
Nina got friends with Laila
And that was when a friendship called.

They were friends for long
And long enough to be close
Grew  together happily
Having a lot in common.

Playing dolls together,
Having food together,
Going out together,
Studying together.

This was how our two little angels were,
This was how we always saw them.

But life will always surprise you
By giving you a scoop of something
That you might not expect.
Or you might just not want.

Nina started going out alone
Nina started having new friends,
But Laila didn’t like those friends.
And Laila wasn’t asked to come along.

Nina was giggling now with others
Nina started eating with others.
Poor Laila, left alone
In a corner with unknown.

Nina stopped talking to Laila
She left her all alone
To live this life by her self.
For a reason  that was unknown.

One day Laila cried
Two days Laila cried
Three, and four and five
Six and seven and eight…

But one day Laila stopped.
She went out to find Nina and her friends,
And there was Nina with her friends
And there she was smiling with them

Laila thought to her self how come
Why did life treat Laila like that
Why did Nina left her like that
If only she knew the answer

But Laila just looked at Nina
From far away and and kept quite
Silently looking at her best friend
Who left Laila isolated
In this bitter world.

Laila thought to herself
How it hurts when someone
Someone very special

Who you loved the most
Throws you away from their world
Throws you far away from world

Where to look or who to ask
What to do, no one ever knows.

Laila will always from that day
Try her best to not let go
Of someone who you might be special to
Of someone who makes you feel special.

She will go out and make new friends
She will dress up and smile like Nina
But always will she remember that
No one deserves to be left alone.