Ice cold.

As I look into his eyes,
That once showed bright love and affection.
And all I see now is something
That I never saw before,
Cold ice.

As the hugs became to linger
As the nights became abandoned
I felt something in him
That i never thought would be
A part of him…
Cold ice.

As we used to talk before
With the laughter and compassion
Now all I sense is
The emptiness of our talks
The ice of his tone.

The ice wrapped me around itself,
Shivering me and making my bones ache,
From inside through out.

And that is when i felt his real feelings toward me
Cold ice.

But I will break through,
But I must fight.
And his cold ice,
Shall be broken into pieces.

And I shall win,
The battle of ice.

As I said in the previous post, I am currently reading a book that well, is not “appropriate” for my age. And in it there was a part where this lady got a very rich boyfriend,handsome, careful about her feelings and seemed smart. There was a sudden moment when she realized the part within him that she never saw because of all the expensive jewelry,shoes,bags, the guy was gifting her and that part in his corner of his eyes almost glowed with one word:ice.The fact that nothing meant anything to him. Her existence or her “love” toward him.

So this is a poem to all those ladies sitting there, feeling abandoned. Screw the once who made your self esteem break apart. Screw those who made you fall on your knees. This is the time for you to get up. And to learn your lesson, that for every give there is a take. And for every taken, there must be a given back. Wether it is love,money,help or favor. So be careful to what you ask for.


I look at you,feeling that you’re home.
I acknowledge the inadvertent  pulse to come closer,
To talk to you, to laugh with you.
To be a close person you could lay your shoulder on.

So I take a step, a hesitant breath.
Unsure of how to come closer.
And suddenly I see a wall.
Of someone standing over.
Breaking the bond I wish I could extend longer.

So I think again,doubting myself.
So I step away, inadvertently.

I am sorry. I can see,
Every pain in every of your corner.
Of those beautiful eyes of yours…
All the tiredness hidden inside,
But sparking for me like the moon light.

I want to from all my heart,
To touch the pain and ease it.
To somehow pull it away from you.
To embrace it all together.

But oh all thee, if you could let me,
To just come,a step closer…

There are plenty who love you,
There are plenty who want to be you.
But we all know, that not many,
Can still pull a smile in a day of disorder.

All inside I do always feel,
If only I could come closer,
I could love you more longer
Than any of them all together.

I wish sometimes I could be your friend,
But it seems like a fairy tale,
To this person writing a poem-a
About this beautiful person,about you.

I hope I am not selfish,
And if I am I apologize.
As I can’t help my self in the end of the day,
When I close my eyes, thinking about my tale.

I hope someday you will reach up to me,
As I was too weak to do it myself.
And for now good bye my soul friend.
As I can no longer take it any further.


Well, I do apologize for this huge poem, tried to make it somehow in a half, but simply impossible. I really wanted to tell you guys how much emotions of mine were spilled into this poem. Hopefully it will show you with the words I chose. And about the brake I took, I guess you see I broke it! But I can’t promise you that I will be publishing constantly. These 2 weeks were pretty pressurized for me, too much to study and not enough time! But oh well, I am done! 2 more weeks of exams, and I am completely free! And I am planning to learn the native language over here. Arabic. So my summer will be filled with poetry, studies, books and beaches. And of course, with my friends and family.

When I met you

When I met you
You seemed the only person who could get me
Like the people around me were strangers
And you were the only home for me

When you make me laugh
It takes me a while to realise that
Not everyone can make me laugh like you do
And not every person knows me like  you know me

I love you like my friend like my family like my lover
Stay with me as long as you can
“Cause  I know that when I am with you
I feel like I am me, the real me.

Who cares what people think
As long as we have each other
We can fly to the skies and fall down to earth
As long as we have each other

” Who you are to me”

Life can always surprise you
Life can always hurt you
But this time it surprised me
By giving a person like you
In a life of a person like me.

I can put my head on your shoulder
And moan or cry about anything,
And I know you will stay next to me,
Just sit silently and listen to me…

And all I want to say is thank you,
For not judging me thru my tears,
Because I can’t always have the strenght
To keep up in this world that was so harsh on me.

But somehow you always were there,
To listen, to be.
And I just want to say thank you,
For all that you are to me.

Because you may not know.
Or, you may do know,
But you mean a lot to me.

Life has been so harsh on me,
And now I know it won’t be tomorrow.
Because life has given me a person like you,
In a life of a person like me.

” Why the silence in between? “

I guess things do change…

I guess me and you won’t be the same again…

Why did this had to happen?

Why the silence in between?

Why did we crack like a piece of glass

Pieces of us falling a part…

What on earth are we going to get from this?

Hurting others by the sharp corners of ours…

I miss you, I love you

No matter what it is I try

I try and try and try

But still it feels like we are broken

Like the pieces won’t fit anymore….

Where are you, what are you thinking…

I can see you sitting next to me

But you are somewhere else 

Elsewhere sitting with others and talking.

I wish that I could keep you as my friend

As my anything, just near me…

But having you around is not enough

Having you around won’t be enough

Unless you really are there

Unless you really want to be.

I hope you have a good life

A good life where someday

Some good jolly day you will

Realize that i loved you

as a friend as a sister

as anything that you want.

But for now,know you are beautiful

Beautiful in every way

Keep your head held high

But not too high to not see the ground.

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