Blocks that take our lives further.

I have started as a blogger a long time back. But took it seriously and actually worked on it just this March. And from there till now, I have worked pretty hard. Whether it was about the blog appearance, about the posts I publish, about getting to know wordpress and how to use its tools, it all builded from having zero followers, to 68. And indeed I am very thankful for each and one of you, but honestly, I always wished to have more viewers when I would see a blog having 200 to 300 followers. The blogs getting freshly pressed and instantly getting thousands of viewers. I would sometimes think,don’t I deserve this too? Why did I never get freshly pressed and instantly got 100 viewers. But after a while I realized that, it is actually for the better.

Now I am pretty sure, if not all of you but at least some of you went through these thoughts. And I apologize through all my heart if I am wrong. But when I thought about how I feel about my viewers. I realized I was lucky. How was I lucky having less viewers? Basically, when I get each and every follower slowly, day by day, post by post, comment by comment, I get to know each and every follower that took their time to read my post. But if I suddenly get freshly pressed, and would get 100 followers, it would take me time to know who my followers are. And maybe not just hard to know you, but maybe impossible. Surely, there would be some of you that I would miss out while quickly reading posts. So today I am glad I am getting a follower per day. Just 30 views per day, and maybe just a few likes,  but today I am sure, that the once that follow me, I follow them back and give them feedback that they deserve. And today I want to thank all of you for going through all the stages of frustration, selfishness, and other things that I may have felt during my blogging experience.

Now that I solved my selfish thoughts, I want to take these thoughts to our real life. How many of us want to get on that tennis court for the first time and beat the hell out of an old tennis player. How many of us want to take a job as an assistant and straight away become the head. We all want to be the best. And sometimes, it is sad to say but often, we find some people going through the easy ways to get to the top, and it is very doleful for me to tell you but, mostly, those who chose that way or that path, went back down even easier. So whatever it is you are trying to achieve now, wether it’s about loosing weight, getting new friends, anything. Remember how we build a building. The longer we take to analyze each floor, the longer we take to make each floor firmer and stronger, the more it will last and the steadier it will be to put another block. So before you move on, do ask your self, is this floor that you are building, steady? Can it take another block?

Picture source: google
Picture edit done by me.