This is one of my favorite art pieces,it just happened to be smudgy, I didn’t mean to while I was doing it, but then I made a mistake so I took a piece of  paper and I saw the effect, I liked it and I made the whole thing blurry and smudgy, love the effect. What do you think? And I also remember while I was painting, there was something missing… like some effect that I just  NEEDED to put on this paper, which was the smudginess. Hope you like it [:

Water color.



My painting. Water colors.

Maria, when on earth did you start painting too?

Well, since long back, And It will be in the ” Art ” Categories, so if you’re curious about my art works, just go the the art categories. The painting was done out of boredom, passion and out of the love of colors. You should try someday too! It feels amazing and very relaxing to mix those colors, to blend them, to call out the other names they have on top of the paint tube.

 Thank you  for the inspiration. Even though I didn’t ask your permission for the picture as for its yours, I really hope you don’t mind! And if you do, I will remove this post. Its your right.

Water painting.

Water painting.

Close up.