Black and white.

We meet new faces everyday,
We talk to many everyday,
But we don’t always try to know
A person truly.

Nor do we try to know the real them.
Behind the covers of the strain
That life has thrown upon,
The person who hides under.

Why do we never live and feel?
Why do we always block our selves?
When we do that the world is black and white.
No love, no trust, no friendship.

Black and white.

But when we open our hearts,
When we let people inside our lives,
We give them the ability to hurt us,
And that is when we feel the weakest.

Black and white.

Love can shatter us into pieces,
Love can build us stronger and make us inevitable.
But the important is that we should never
Give up in loving, trusting and caring.

You will be hurt, not once or twice.
You will be loved, maybe only once.
But what is life, with out these feelings?
Black and white.
Black and white.

Today I am hurt, yesterday I was loved.
The flying birdy is thrown back to the ground.
But it is okay, to be hurt to be sad.
Tomorrow I will be loved.
Tomorrow I will be stronger.

Never give up to feel to love,
What will remain if there is no love?
There will be only black and only white.
For you to live in.

Black and white.

What would you want to see?

I look to the world
I see good and bad
Bitter and sweet
Cold and hot
Fake and real
Who do you want to be
In the end of the day
What do you want to make
This world look like in the end of the day

Is the choice of yours,
To be it bitter
Or to be it sweet,
What would you want to see?

The Empty World.

Lets fly away from this world
Fly high with no sense in our mind
Leave everything behind
Even the love of our lives.

Let’s forget about this strain
And smile like there is not a thing
That ever bothered us
That ever broke us astray.

But when you open your eyes
You will see not a thing.
This new world is empty.

 Because the world is build in love
And love causes strain.