Life, the easy way.

We all know it is October and we all know that October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month where everywhere you go you see PINK PINK PINK. But let’s just forget about the fact that there is such thing as breast cancer. Let us just focus on one thing today; health.

What do you want badly right now? There must be that gorgeous dress or that hot car that you wish you could buy. Everyone has a desire to have one thing or another. But let’s just for today remind ourselves that there are right now people asking for just one thing we don’t even bother being thankful for, health. Sometimes when I talk to mom about how we need this and that and there is not enough money to buy it, she looks at me for a second and tells me, it doesn’t matter that we don’t have money to re-decor our house, it doesn’t matter that we can’t buy extra clothes, all that matters is that we have good health.

So before you eat the food that is not even considered  as food, or over stress your self about owning items that won’t even make you happy be thankful.

” At the doors of the miserable rich man, sleeps the contented beggar.” Tibetan saying.