Another form of art

Here you go, this is the view from my apartment. Right, ” my” apartment! Well okay, technically my fathers, and we: my brothers & mom live in it. Anyhow, I have realized how much addicted I got into photo editing! I was staring at my mac book screen at how an application can change an ordinary picture, to extraordinary? Sorry if I am over exaggerating about my picture, but like, I have never really tried editing. So its new for me!

Photo taken by my iPhone 4s (:

United Arab Emirates,Dubai, Marina

Hello, again!

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These are some pictures I took in the Marina Walk, Dubai. Well… Marina Walk is a  marvelous place here, especially for people who want to go for a jog or just a small walk after a stressful day. I always choose this place for jogging, it’s right in front of my house and it’s a cute place with families gathering in cafe’s and a lot of people coming for a jog.

I hope you like the pictures!