Afghanistan #2

Picture taken by: Laila Gharzai

Pictures above taken by my cousin living in Afghanistan. As I don’t live there, and can’t take the pictures by my self,I can’t help but share the pictures with you guys! As I think you already know, this is where I am from. ┬áMy home land. But nope, I don’t live there, don’t know if I can call my self lucky or unlucky. But I can’t help but want to reach out for this country every single time… Don’t we all have a feeling of home? A feeling of embracing that home and trying to keep that with you as long as you can, safe. That is how I wish I could embrace Afghanistan. Protect my mother land from all the evils of this world. But I guess I am just too small for that, YET! Hopefully, there will be a day when I just make a decision of booking a flight and living in my home country. Helping my country people and trying to bring a change in this world. Maybe I won’t be able to make a change. But I will know that someday, someone will be inspired by me, and that person will grow up and do the same thing. And he will succeed. If he won’t, there will be a same cycle, until we get there. To the goal of our lives.

As they say:
” Obstacles can’t stop you.
Problems can’t stop you,
Most of ALL
Other people can’t stop you.
The only one who stops you
Is you your self.”

I didn’t write this… got it from a Facebook fan page. Wish you a happy week as tomorrow is Monday. My week already started. Sunday is when weeks start over here, and I already have a headache, will probably have to ignore that as I have to go jogging soon!