Black and white.

We meet new faces everyday,
We talk to many everyday,
But we don’t always try to know
A person truly.

Nor do we try to know the real them.
Behind the covers of the strain
That life has thrown upon,
The person who hides under.

Why do we never live and feel?
Why do we always block our selves?
When we do that the world is black and white.
No love, no trust, no friendship.

Black and white.

But when we open our hearts,
When we let people inside our lives,
We give them the ability to hurt us,
And that is when we feel the weakest.

Black and white.

Love can shatter us into pieces,
Love can build us stronger and make us inevitable.
But the important is that we should never
Give up in loving, trusting and caring.

You will be hurt, not once or twice.
You will be loved, maybe only once.
But what is life, with out these feelings?
Black and white.
Black and white.

Today I am hurt, yesterday I was loved.
The flying birdy is thrown back to the ground.
But it is okay, to be hurt to be sad.
Tomorrow I will be loved.
Tomorrow I will be stronger.

Never give up to feel to love,
What will remain if there is no love?
There will be only black and only white.
For you to live in.

Black and white.


Do you trust your self?
Do you trust your heart?
That is silently beating
under your skin?

Do you trust your brain
That is functioning helplessly?
Do you trust your so called friends
You don’t even like?

Or do you trust that one above you
Staring at you right now
Seeing what you are doing.
Woefully and bitterly in silence.

Patience striking all over Him again
Watching hopefully
That you will do the right thing
The right thing…

But how many of us know?
Whats the right thing?
But how many of us
Know the one above us?
Choosing the easy way out.
By not thinking about it at all.

But know that someday
You will fall apart.
And all your hopes will be vanished.
But no. Wait.
He is still watching, ask Him for help!
Ask for forgiveness…

NO. You won’t.
Easy way out?
Lets go get a drink.
And it will drift away,
Until the morning give back
Your conscience.

Bringing back your life.
Full of misery.


Every part has a starting point,you.

Before you judge others judge yourself,
Before you love someone, love yourself.

Before you trust someone, trust yourself.
Before depending on someone, depend on yourself.
Before you point at someone, point at yourself.

Because every path should have a starting point.
With out it, there is no middle, continue or end.

 And you are the start, the one deciding the destiny of the path.