What can I say?

This blog is my home, my diary, a place where I share my poetry and read others works and get inspired. WordPress will always be a home for me, and hopefully even though I don’t write so often you will give me some of your precious time to go through my work (:

I am 16 years old and I am in grade 11. Just now, just this year I realized how tough life can be. Yeah, yeah I will see more coming on my way but sometimes I feel so lost, I feel like I can’t balance my religion, family, friends and school at the same time. As a muslim sometimes I felt like my religion would make me slower on balancing my life, I felt like it would pull me down to fall on the ground, it was tiring. But slowly I understood that my faith in God is the one that would balance everything around me. I know that many of my fellow readers have different religions and points of views. But the whole point is that you have that one thing you can cling to. That faith is the one that makes you understand the world around you. What makes you patient and obedient to things you don’t have the ability to change.  And that is how I balance my world.

Having friends is one thing, and having that one person you go to and tell all the things you feel like you have to tell but know not everyone would understand is another. I am lucky to have both, and I personally thing it is very vital for everyone to have someone they can tell all their feelings to.

Today I felt like sharing my thoughts with you all. I will also start painting again. My two art works got sold in an Exhibition for a Dubai Care charity organization. To be honest this gives me hope that I can actually have an option in art careers!

Top 10 most inspiring blogs.

For me reading other peoples work is as important as writing mine. Publishing posts is not just part of a blogger, but how to make his blog look attractive, to make the reader just be curious what he is writing, and on top of that the most important, to know how to read other peoples work are the things that through my experience have been the most important steps to reach your goal of a writer.

And I have honestly been inspired by each and every of you who I have followed. And no, I don’t just follow people, I take my time surfing the blog and then I follow. So below are the blogs I have loved really badly. From 70 blogs ( or more) that I love, it was indeed pretty difficult for me to choose!

A new blog I just started following, love love love the poetry in it!

This blog didn’t just inspire me, but the owner always supported me. In face, it was one of my first 3 followers in wordpress.
Will never forget that!

3) http://100daysofevelyn.wordpress.com/
Yes yes, food! Evelyn brings up these really delicious recipes and honestly, they are very easy. For a beginner like me, I don’t think there is any way you could make this yummy food, with this less effort!

If you love poetry, you should seriously check this blog. I love love love his poems! And even though I just started getting to know him and his blog, I am more than satisfied by how inspiring his blog makes me feel.

5) http://drawandshoot.me/
This is again one of the oldest blogs I have been following. The pictures are honestly breath taking!


You should check this blog if you like family pictures. I am honestly running out of words, but her work is truly amazing. Do check it out (:

7)  http://storiesfromhome.wordpress.com/

I don’t know what to say about this blog. If you get to follow it, know you are one of the luckiest people in the world. The landscape pictures he takes are so breath taking! Sometimes when he writes a new post, I literally skip what he wrote out of curiosity what picture he took! Honestly, his work is brilliant!

8) http://belgradestreets.wordpress.com/

You should check this blog! His work is brilliant, from all the journey of his life in Belgrade he took so many fascinating pictures. You would definitely like his work. I have been following him for a long time now, and each of his post has inspired me and made me want to go to those streets where he took the pictures.

 9) http://earlrrichardson.wordpress.com/

Another blog, with another brilliant talent. His work takes you from WOW to god I don’t know how to compliment him!

10) Nooo, already reached the last one! But of course not the least. The writer has an amazing talent when it comes to writing stories. She mostly writes from her life experience, which leads to the point that the stories are TRUE! Do check her blog if you are into reading stories and poems (:


WordPress, bloggger, tumblr, or other?

I have always been thinking why exactly did I choose wordpress.com for blogging. And to be honest, I never find an answer that would actually make sense. I just find it home. You know when you see that specific apartment/villa/house at times when you need one and you are like ” This is it.” Not because it is the most biggest one that will make all your friends jealous, not because it is cheap, but for a reason that you will never really understand, only feel.

WordPress has become that tiny house for me, full of amazing neighbors ( you readers! ) . I mean I can’t believe that someone who wrote some amazing book that I am willing to buy, would actually like my poem! Or someone who I just love and feel so passionate about would come to my blog and comment, saying something good about me. Every single time when I see you the reader writing something for me, and when I check your blog, I feel so good about my self. Because YOU wrote that. And it feels so unbelievable. 

WordPress has become my home, believe it or not, I forget about my Facebook page while I am over here. It just feels right. Thank you for my first followers: 

Katrin Ann Willis  http://katrinaannewillis.com/ who not just helped me by following my blog, but inspired me to continue my blog.

The Iris And The Lily,  http://theirisandthelily.wordpress.com/ who was my first follower and I also adore her blog for her beautiful pictures.

You guys are awesome! Thank you for making this kido smile and happy for following her and giving her a chance. And no, you reader who is reading this, you too.

Love you all!