This love thing…


All of us girls were brainwashed by the perfect charming prince, the white horse, that perfect love story where he says and does everything perfectly. He looks perfect and he looks at me perfectly. He knows how I feel even though he knows me only for a little while. He is loving and makes me feel loved, even though I have no idea if it all is truly love or not. And I in childhood, watched so many love stories, read so many romantic books, that now, I honestly regret doing so because I think the same way.

You may ask me: ” Why Maria?” . Because it is tiring to look at any guy and have my girly me bounce around and think that he might be the the guy. You know? It is quite annoying when I am just having a friendly chat with a guy and then again my girly me comes and starts whispering me that he is the guy when we have known each other for a little while only. And it is also, very, very annoying when I see my best friends who are sitting there on the chair yet their minds are flying around the world and thinking about some guy, whom I bet, they know only for little while and think they are in love. I mean come on people, if you think about it, will you really marry someone random thinking it’s love? I am pretty sure relationships are build on trust, care, honesty, and all and not on something capricious like love. Because love is not like Gravitational Force, it is not an exact amount, it will always vary. If you don’t believe me, let’s take the person you love the most, will you really love that person like you do them now when you are having an argument? My point is, I wish I wasn’t brainwashed about prince charmings and now I would probably have it easier and just know then when it is the actual love thing… You know?

Another reason why it is good for girls not to be brainwashed about love is that their husbands/boyfriends will be so happy they will kiss my hand! I am sure of that part, every guy, okay let’s say, majority of the guys believe that ladies are in their own illusional world, where they don’t want the truth, they always want the right answer the answer they they want to hear. They don’t want you to actually say: “No darling, you shouldn’t wear that dress”, they want you always to tell them they are perfect and let’s face it, nobody is perfect. This love story perfection has not only drawn women crazy nowadays (and me too) but it also makes guys who will date them suffer.

We ladies love heels to make us taller and sexier, love make up to make us prettier,we wear  fake eyelashes, and in the end we want true love. How can there be anything true around us when all we say,think, and do is practically an illusion? All I think is that parents should not let their girls indulge too much in love stories and fictional books. I am not saying that romance and fiction are bad, what I am saying is that when someone watches a movie and sees the perfect scenes, where the ugly girl turns out the most beautiful, the girl turns out having the richest and most handsome boyfriend, and the girl turns out to be loved dearly, obviously they will want that too! But will that really happen? Majority of the times when we have a rich boyfriend he turns out to be a jerk, if we have a caring and loving boyfriend he turns out to be really poor. That is how God made it fair,even though we might not see the fairness.

In conclusion, watching too many fictional movies is bad. Let your kid read some based-on-true-story books, let him face the real world. What is the point of living in a dream and then falling down crashing like a rock realizing the world out there is nothing like you thought it is, and obviously the men in it are also not perfect?



What is your definition of peace? And more importantly did you ever try,just a little bit, to view the position you are left in this life differently? To see how worse could it be, or to see how lucky you are? Someone told me, God knows how much each of us can take in, He knows that whatever crappy day or unlucky or really bad day we are going through, he knows you can make it through,that you will go back to your peaceful self,and smile through all your heart..I am a very religious person, I try always bringing my self up with my faith, and whenever I would go through something I thought that I couldn’t take in, I just thought for a moment, He is watching you Maria, this is happening with his own will, and maybe you don’t know now, but this awful day will later on turn on to a flower blooming in your life. So keep it up everyone. He is watching you, don’t bring your self down, because He knows you can make your self turn the position and move on! Move on to your peaceful life, where your friends and family are awaiting you.


Do you trust your self?
Do you trust your heart?
That is silently beating
under your skin?

Do you trust your brain
That is functioning helplessly?
Do you trust your so called friends
You don’t even like?

Or do you trust that one above you
Staring at you right now
Seeing what you are doing.
Woefully and bitterly in silence.

Patience striking all over Him again
Watching hopefully
That you will do the right thing
The right thing…

But how many of us know?
Whats the right thing?
But how many of us
Know the one above us?
Choosing the easy way out.
By not thinking about it at all.

But know that someday
You will fall apart.
And all your hopes will be vanished.
But no. Wait.
He is still watching, ask Him for help!
Ask for forgiveness…

NO. You won’t.
Easy way out?
Lets go get a drink.
And it will drift away,
Until the morning give back
Your conscience.

Bringing back your life.
Full of misery.