Sarah Dessen.

I haven’t written for a long time again. Summer vacation going through and catching my hand to the land of laziness. Where I am laying down, eating, hanging out with friends, and reading reading and reading… It does feel amazing to just die into a book and not be bothered thinking when to get up and study, when to get up and go jogging before I become so fat I don’t fit in my clothes. But one thing inspired me to write today is when I searched Sarah Dessen‘s official web site. In it she has her books list, her description of it, the books description and on top of that, in the corner you see her own BLOG. As in literally her own daily life, the way she lives, the way she thinks. And oh my god, she inspires me.

Sarah Dessen

And as I was going through her books, you can’t believe it but I felt like buying all of them. Not because of those sparkly covers that pull you and scream READ ME, not just because of the book description that give you an insight of the book and seduce you to buy them. But because the writer explains how her life made her write this book. How certain consequences drop you to a hole, and then the only word you use is well, let me give you a hint, it kind of stinks. So getting to the point, I hope some day I can inspire someone by writing something. By going through moments of life, and they might as well be a bit stinky, but I hope, that like Sarah, I will sit down, and just let the world pass by, and all I will do is, make my self my yummy green tea, sit, and write. And by writing it all down, I will get to a point that I will understand what I am going through. And all the pain that I encountered, all of it, I will take it in, and turn it back into my  writing. So next time, when someone stumbles across my book, they smile and enjoy my book. The book that I may have written while crying or laughing. But the book that I wrote though my little experience in this world.

Click here to open her site. And I do hope you go through the description and buy some of her books! Because she is indeed a very inspiring writer.

And just before I end my post, I do want to tell you that I have read ” Fire spell” by Chloe Neill.The book is all about friendship,love and magic that is wrapped around all the bonds the people have with each other. Even though it takes time to build the story, to get to the point, you will realize you read half of the book already. And when it gets exciting and all yummy, the writer doesn’t make it long lasting, the book ends! I was so disappointed that it ended. But oh well, we all go through the moments of sadness when the book is finally read and done.

Currently reading” Desperate In Dubai” by Ameera Al Hakawati.

Both are amazing books to read. The second one is pretty much disturbing for my age. Haha! Right. But well it is about 4 women who land on the city full of glamour,richness, fashion and all of the things around it, living their lives, thinking one, and getting something else. It is pretty much all about sex,men, and women who try with all their guts getting a man with all that they need. Pretty much like looking for their prince charming. The hot, sexy, rich, charming, smart guy who will cross their road and marry them. But little did they know that they end up in a moment of truth, that there is no such thing as perfection. There ain’t no guy over there, who will be all of the above. That if they want smart and charming, they won’t get rich. And vise versa. So ladies, if you are into drama, fashion, and on top of that want to know more about Dubai, you should get ready to get your nails on this book!

Images of our lives.

I know I know, I have been publishing pictures for like 4 days already. And I will try my best to get some poetry published in a few days. I am guessing through the likes that you guys are liking my pictures! This is a new field of art that I am going to try to explore for this summer. Not that I am going to let go of poetry or painting. But I think I may spend more time on pictures from now on (: And I don’t know if you have noticed, but the below pictures I published with this one have been taken the same day and the same spot.


Another form of art

Here you go, this is the view from my apartment. Right, ” my” apartment! Well okay, technically my fathers, and we: my brothers & mom live in it. Anyhow, I have realized how much addicted I got into photo editing! I was staring at my mac book screen at how an application can change an ordinary picture, to extraordinary? Sorry if I am over exaggerating about my picture, but like, I have never really tried editing. So its new for me!

Photo taken by my iPhone 4s (:

Morning mind of the writer.

After playing yesterday tennis, and desperately needing to win, I was moving my best. Serving my best. Trying to know my mistake.

And my mistake was not in my movement not in my serve neither in my backhand. It was in my brain. Thinking too much about the previous ball while I was suppose to think forward. I was loosing. And on top of that, the way my enemy was playing was horrible. Too slow balls, too high balls. The once I despise. Because, if you play tennis you will now, that needs a lot of more concentration than the other fast sexy balls! Yes I call fast and low balls as sexy balls. Because they are sexy. Aren’t they?

Luckily I didn’t get any cramps this night,I was wearing a sweater and leg warmers in the heat of Dubai with no AC on and actually, it felt amazing. Even though I still feel my body ache. Sorry body, I know I didn’t take you to the gym for 2 days, but body, you know  how much your brain was functioning and not functioning on the quiz days. So please, forgive me! And stop aching…

So my point of this post? That our life becomes so miserable because of our brain. The way we think changes the result, no matter how good or bad we are in it. Example? Exams. I always get a few points minus because of those really really stupid mistakes. And I have realized today that, because I expect my self to make a mistake, because the inner me is still nervous I actually do make a mistake. So change your point of view guys, make it look like the most easiest thing you have ever done in your life. But don’t over do it please. Because we all know what happens when you open your book before the day of the exam and you are  like: ” Oh I know this!And this! Ehh so easy! ” And on the day of exam? ” Shit.”

Dubai houses

  Here I go, making a post of me and 2 of my brothers struggling to get to the beach. Yeah, we did think twice about taxis, but there weren’t any, so we had to get to the main road to get one. But honestly, I didn’t regret the walking! Weather was amazing, as amazing that can get here in Dubai, and the villas here were so beautiful I was too busy taking pictures of them and didn’t notice how quickly we got to the main road, but noticing how both brothers were panting and asking for water, I guess it was a little bit long of a journey?


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Yup, thats it. Honestly I can’t put all the pictures in a post, there are around 30, and I am really sorry if its too much, better than the 300 pictures I took right?
As for my brothers, don’t worry, I think they didn’t mind after all, all I need make sure now is to make one of them go to the gym with me once in a while.

And talking about Dubai, if you are interested in architecture and buildings, this is a dream come true place for you! In just one area, I saw so many houses that took my breath away, by their size, their massive gardens, their design, all these little things that make a house just look at it and gasp saying ” wow! “