White lion.

White Lion.


Here you go, another one of my art works. I have  always loved lions and tigers! I drew this 2 years ago, I tend to keep my art work, because they remind me of my past. How I drew it, why I drew it, was I angry or sad that moment, this drawing takes me to the past where I am sitting and drawing in our living room, loving the outcome and enjoying every touch of the pencil on the paper while listening to music.

” The countable looks”

You will look at me once.
You will look at me twice,
I wish I could pop those eyes
And you won’t look at me once
Or look at me twice. 

I know, since when is Maria so angry at people looking at her? Don’t get this poem wrong, this was 2 years ago when there was a guy who had this huge crush and would always look at me and find me everywhere in school, and I was a tomboy, not believing in love, so what do you expect? I am sharing this to hopefully make you laugh at how sometimes we laugh about our past, how we used to think and how silly it was. Don’t you think about your past? About those silly little things you did in your life? Think about it, trust me, you will enjoy sharing them with your friends and laughing about them endlessly!