Just a flirt.

Just a smile,just a word
Just a hint,just a flirt
We are young, we are wild
Who can dare, to challenge us?

Another look,another flirt.
Another smile,another word.
This will end up on switching numbers,
This will end up in switching hearts,
This might end up in broken hearts.

But baby life is too short
Too short to think about broken hearts.
So let us flirt and let us smile,
Let us say the words of sin.

Let’s take out all the wildness,
We were destined to.

Sip of wine,sip of gossip.
Sip of little bit of love.
A sip of sensational life.

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There you go,another poem. Have been struggling to post a few days. Not that I didn’t write, but it takes time for me to think that my poem is perfect and doesn’t need any other change. If it rhymes properly or if it doesn’t. Things like these make me think one more time before I hit the publish button. And since you know that English is not my first language. Actually it’s far like 3rd or 4th language, I do still make a silly mistake in spelling here and there, and I am pretty sure you know how a small missing letter causes big of a change in meaning. And that did happen to me once or twice!

A letter that has no name…

When you look at your self
See the smile on your face
See the beauty and the charm
See the sharpness and the bright
That your soul furnishes to the world.

But don’t forget where this charm is from
And don’t forget who thaught you how to bestow
This world the best you ever had.
Your mother.

I wish you the best this world has
And the patience to go through with it all
And I will sit faithfully in the corner
Smiling and cherishing the moment.

Good luck my beautiful sister
May this world make you a person
That everyone could look up to.


I wrote this for my cousin who is coming from America for a night, and then leaving to Afghanistan afterwards for summer. I really don’t know if I should write it in a piece of paper and gift it to her as a gift. Because I am not sure if it is good enough. I just want her to smile when she sees this…

So please do tell me what do you think about this poem! As it is pretty important for me… (:

” Hand By Hand, Soul By Soul “

Looking at the world through my eyes
Smiling at things I don’t recognize
Smiling and dying inside at the same time
Why on earth am I smiling
That is the question I’ve never realized

Thinking inside how fake I am
Smiling but faking it all as much as I can
But then who am I again
I forgot as I was trying to smile as hard as I can

Oh friend, look at me
Don’t get fooled by my smile
Don’t get fooled by me saying I am okay
Because I am not
Because I am fading away

Oh friend I know I should tell you
But how am I suppose to tell you
In this crowded and busy world
Where I don’t get to see you much
Where I don’t get to open up to you much

Forgive me if I don’t say
Forgive me if I lie
Because you know I didn’t mean to
You know that very well.

Oh friend lets hold our hand together
And go through this world by weather,
Hand by hand, soul by soul,

Lets show this world the touch of a true friendship
The touch of you and I.

” A tiny little smile.”

“When will you grow up? When will you understand that revenge will not bring you anywhere and the only way to be smarter is just to smile and to move one…”

A smile can make your heart grow bigger

A smile can bring a spark to someones life

Just a smile can make you and me happy


The power of a smile, the power of you and me.

When I feel only, when I feel sad

I can see your smile and know my day

I see the smile, the gentle true smile

And suddenly my heart feels awaks

And even though you didn’t mean to,

And even though you don’t know,

You made my day,

By just a smile, ny just a tiny little smile.

And you can do the same again

And all of us can do the same

Make someone else happy today

And that else will make you

By just a smile, by just a tiny little smile.

All it takes is a smile.

 I have been recently talking to another blogger and he, Eric Alagan said this “All it takes is a smile and it’ll snowball around the world if people will only pass it on…” in my ” Who am I”  page, and I have thought how beautiful he put it in words.So I decided to make a poem with these words coming first.

All it takes is a smile

Just a smile to make this world

Different then what it is now

Different then what it will be then.


A smile is like a snowball

The more you smile the more you pass one

The more you pass the bigger it becomes

Full of love, beauty and happiness.

Won’t you pass one to me?


All it took me was a smile,

To console my colleague.

All it took me was just a smile,

To make my lover acknowledge.


Won’t you pass one to your mother?

Won’t you pass one to your brother?

Smile, see the world, open your heart.

These days will never come back.


Remember the past with tears and a smile

A smile that will go on like a snowball

Rolling and rolling and rolling,

From the mountains to the ground.

From the ground into your heart.


Bringing you and me together

Bringing the people  all together.