Thoughts of the day…

People often ask me: “Why do you not believe in love?” I do believe in love. The way you love rain yet take an umbrella with you, the way you love flowers and pluck them out, the way you love animals and cage them. Thats the type of love a human being is always capable of and that’s the kind of love that I believe only exists. -Maria

Picture from Google

Picture from Google



From one art work to another.

 This is one of my most recent works. Took me two hours. Even though I am running out of time even now ( Physics exam tomorrow) I decided I will take my time and finish this. As I never finish my art works if I leave it for later. I just lose the inspiration. And the work that was suppose to come out of my heart, becomes just a torture. The inspiration i got is form the below picture. The site link to it: