Images of our lives.

I know I know, I have been publishing pictures for like 4 days already. And I will try my best to get some poetry published in a few days. I am guessing through the likes that you guys are liking my pictures! This is a new field of art that I am going to try to explore for this summer. Not that I am going to let go of poetry or painting. But I think I may spend more time on pictures from now on (: And I don’t know if you have noticed, but the below pictures I published with this one have been taken the same day and the same spot.


Another form of art

Here you go, this is the view from my apartment. Right, ” my” apartment! Well okay, technically my fathers, and we: my brothers & mom live in it. Anyhow, I have realized how much addicted I got into photo editing! I was staring at my mac book screen at how an application can change an ordinary picture, to extraordinary? Sorry if I am over exaggerating about my picture, but like, I have never really tried editing. So its new for me!

Photo taken by my iPhone 4s (:

From one art work to another.

 This is one of my most recent works. Took me two hours. Even though I am running out of time even now ( Physics exam tomorrow) I decided I will take my time and finish this. As I never finish my art works if I leave it for later. I just lose the inspiration. And the work that was suppose to come out of my heart, becomes just a torture. The inspiration i got is form the below picture. The site link to it:


This is one of my favorite art pieces,it just happened to be smudgy, I didn’t mean to while I was doing it, but then I made a mistake so I took a piece of  paper and I saw the effect, I liked it and I made the whole thing blurry and smudgy, love the effect. What do you think? And I also remember while I was painting, there was something missing… like some effect that I just  NEEDED to put on this paper, which was the smudginess. Hope you like it [:

Water color.

White lion.

White Lion.


Here you go, another one of my art works. I have  always loved lions and tigers! I drew this 2 years ago, I tend to keep my art work, because they remind me of my past. How I drew it, why I drew it, was I angry or sad that moment, this drawing takes me to the past where I am sitting and drawing in our living room, loving the outcome and enjoying every touch of the pencil on the paper while listening to music.